Wealth Management

Customizable Third-Party Managed Accounts

We offer a handpicked selection of third-party managed investment accounts that can be customized to meet the needs of advisors and their clients. You don’t have to spend countless hours meeting with wholesalers or pouring over options that are unrelated to your business model and needs.

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Third-party managed accounts also provide the flexibility to allocate a portion of your clients’ assets in areas where you may be unable to offer in-depth expertise. Our Advisory Services team can assist you in selecting the most appropriate accounts managed by third-party investment managers.

Triad Advisors offers three proven third-party management solutions:

Private Managed Accounts (PMAs)

We select PMA managers based on the value they offer to the investor, their ability to support advisors, and their clear differentiating qualities.

Each PMA solution available through Triad Advisors is considered a strategic partnership. We work closely with PMAs and have direct access to their management teams. We’ve secured significant reductions in management expenses over the typical turnkey platforms available to others.

Our group of managers offer a variety of styles ranging from niche specialists to classic strategic portfolio management or tactically managed portfolios. Some manage individual securities; others focus on mutual funds, ETFs, options, alternative investments, or a combination of investment vehicles.

Here’s a partial list of Triad Advisors’ PMA managers:

  • Advisors Asset Management
  • Aurora Investment Counsel 
  • City National Rochdale
  • Crossmark Global Investments
  • Horizon Investment Services
  • Innealta Capital
  • Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management
  • Lindner Capital Advisors

Turnkey Asset Management Platforms (TAMPs)

We provide advisors with access to a wide selection of TAMPs that can add value to a practice. They can streamline processes, increase the sophistication of your presentations, and expand the number of investment options you can present to clients.

You can select from several approved TAMPs. Here’s a partial list:

  • AssetMark
  • Brinker
  • Envestnet
  • SEI

Featured TAMP: Managed Account Solutions (MAS) from Envestnet and Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions

MAS can help you create front-end client analytics, select investment solutions, manage assets and generate performance and position-specific reporting. MAS offers world-class technology to generate sophisticated analytical and research reports, client-ready proposals, and detailed performance reporting.

MAS provides fee-based asset management through Separate Managed Accounts (SMA), Multi-Managed Accounts (MMA), Advisor-Directed Unified Managed Accounts (UMA) and Mutual Fund Model portfolios.

Within MAS, advisors have access to over 800 SMA investment disciplines. An advisor may choose to select individual managers on their own or take advantage of the system’s recommendations for high-net-worth client’s needs. SMAs, managers of individual securities, present tax-harvesting advantages over typical mutual fund management.

In MMA and UMA accounts, clients can enjoy the benefits of separate account management, with the added convenience of consolidating assets into a single account. An MMA or UMA combines multiple separate account managers, along with mutual funds or ETFs, into one account structure. Clients may open MMA or UMA accounts for as little as $250,000.

MMA accounts are managed by an overlay manager. UMA accounts provide the advisor with asset management control.

MAS also offers strategically managed Mutual Fund Model portfolios available for clients with a minimum investment of $50,000.