Wealth Management

Our Advisor Managed Accounts

Triad Advisors empowers financial professionals with two financial professional managed accounts to provide the best structure to meet clients’ investment objectives.

We’ve structured these accounts to give financial professionals the portfolio management features they need. You can determine your advisory fees on a per-account basis. And each of these account types can be initially funded with cash and/or securities.

Wrap Account

The Pinnacle is a pure “wrap” account allowing clients to pay a single investment advisory fee with no individual transaction costs for trades including mutual funds, equity, ETFs or fixed-income assets.

$150,000 minimum asset requirement

Fee Plus Transaction Cost Account

The Apex is a “fee plus transaction cost” account. In this structure, the client’s total fee includes the advisory fee and deeply discounted transaction costs on a per-trade basis for all security types. Financial professionals may choose to leverage a wide universe of NTF mutual funds as well. 

No minimum asset requirement

Key Features of Our Advisor Managed Accounts:

  • Triad Advisors’ back office provides billing services
  • Investment Advisory Agreements are supplied by Triad Advisors at no additional cost
  • Choose your RIA platform. You can leverage your own RIA or Triad's corporate RIAs
  • For financial professionals with their own RIA, payout is typically 100% of the advisor's fee