Hybrid RIA Model

The Triad Advisors Difference

Once you've decided the hybrid model is right for you, the real work begins: deciding which firm to join. Below we've created a quick comparison tool to help demonstrate the Triad Advisors difference. Because we are so uniquely focused on this model, we stack up better than the rest when it comes to business flexibility, senior management access, compliance consulting and more.

Triad Advisors' Hybrid RIA Model vs Other Broker/Dealers

Platform Flexibility

We provide access to multiple RIA custodians, including Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions, Schwab, and TD Ameritrade.

Most B/Ds offer a highly limited choice of custodians.


We give you direct access to senior management across all departments.

Other B/Ds have layered service models that feature junior-level support and lengthy processing times.

RIA Expertise

We are the Hybrid RIA Model Pioneer and Category Leader, with the highest concentration of Hybrids in the industry.

Most B/Ds require their financial professionals to use the corporate RIA structure and don't offer any choice of clearing firms.

Financial Stability

We have a successful, long-term track record of growth in revenue and profitability. Triad operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Advisor Group.

This varies among firms. Many "Hybrid" B/Ds are small with little depth of capital, and they provide few services.

Alternative Investments

We offer access to a broad range of unique alternative investments to meet the needs of high-net-worth clients, who demand innovative, non-correlated solutions.

Most B/Ds offer limited alternative investments choices.

Investment Banking & Capital Markets

We provide access to syndicate, investment banking, M&A services, asset management, and institutional research.

Few B/Ds can provide access to investment banking or capital markets.

Transition Services

We create customized business transition plans supported by an experienced implementation team uniquely-positioned to provide counsel and support for both fee and commission transition.

Many B/Ds are ill-equipped to handle the transition of a financial professional's dually-registered practice.


With Triad, you have access to innovative technology solutions for trading and portfolio management, reporting, and CRM.

Other B/Ds have limited technology options that offer little flexibility or customization.

RIA Compliance Consulting

We provide in-house RIA compliance and regulatory consulting and E&O insurance for your RIA.

Not provided by most B/Ds. Financial professionals must use an outside compliance consulting firm and purchase separate E&O insurance at their own expense.

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